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Sunflowers and Spirituality

Sunflowers and spiritualism have long been linked together. Spiritualism is a belief that centers on a continuous life, a life that lives on even after death, even with the absence of a physical body. The core of Spiritualism is the essence of a person, or our consciousness, which does not die. Death, for people who believe in this philosophy, is simply moving into a higher phase of existence; it is not the end but a beginning of a better being. Spiritualism also believes in the possibility of communicating with those who have gone over to that new form of existence, since it does not believe that the life ends with death. According to this philosophy, every one of us has in us what is called a Mediumship, through which we can reach those who have went on ahead of us. Finally, the belief believes in the light brought by a Heavenly Father.


The sunflower is used as an emblem of the philosophy of Spiritualism. The sunflower is likened to the life that surrounds a person. The figures that surround a sunflower are coincide with what surrounds a person. Sunflowers have seven branches that stand for the seven days in a week and twelve leaves for the twelve months in a year. Each of the branches also usually gives life to three sunflowers, which are believed to stand for the Holy Trinity. And each of the sunflowers has 52 yellow petals, which stands for the 52 weeks in a year. And at the center of each flower, there are 365 seeds, just as there are 365 days in a year.


The sunflower’s very nature also reflects something that Spiritualist believers should do, which is to turn to the light. Every sunflower faces towards the east when the sun rises, which symbolizes how people should turn to the light of God. The flower sends across the message that God can meet our very needs, just as the sunflowers survive by looking towards the east, if we just face His light.



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